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 When you buy a new car, you know that having comprehensive coverage is essential to add it, specially when you requested a loan to buy it. Many people think comprehensive coverage covers almost everything, but that’s not true. For example, some comprehensive coverage will cover flood damage but won’t cover water damage from a broken pipe. In this article, we'll discuss what is not covered in your comprehensive car insurance policy, so you can make an informed decision and avoid any surprises when it's time to file a claim.

arson is not covered by your comprehensive insurance, and that is a felony conviction

Driving a car is a pleasure, but aslo an investement, you paid an important amount of money to buy your car, and the least you want is protect your vehicle but also uour savings in case you suffer an accident. However, even if you added comprehensive coverage into your policy, there are some sitations that your policy won’t cover it. You must to understand what your policy covers and what not to be prepared agaisnt some situations.


Comprehensive car insurance will never cover damages that occur as a result of normal usage of your vehicle like:

  • Intentional damage, if you want to make a claim to get some extra cash by destroying your car, that won’t work, your car insurer’s adjuster will discover it.

  • If you’re DUI and you suffer an accident your comprehensive coverage won’t cover the medical or repair expenses to you or your vehicle.

  • Comprehensive coverage will never cover your vehicle while racing, racing means you’re going to drive reckelssly, so you’re adding more risk to your vehicle.

  • Commercial purposes, your comprehensive coverage may not cover the damages on your vehicle while driving for business, you should add roadside assist for this.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance protects your vehicle against accidents that are not caused by a collision. This can include things like vandalism (when your car is in the middle of a worker’s strike and some of those workers vandalize it) theft, fire, hail, flooding, and other acts of God. Remember: this is just an optional coverage, you can add it to your auto car insurance policy.

What is Not Covered in Comprehensive Car Insurance?

While comprehensive car insurance covers a broad range of damages and losses to your vehicle, there are several situations that are not covered under this type of policy. These include:

  • Damages caused due the daily usage of your car: Comprehensive car insurance does not cover damages that occur as a result of normal use of your car. This includes things like mechanical breakdowns, rust, and corrosion.

  • Intentional act: If you intentionally cause damage to your car to get paid by your insurance, your car insurer adjuster will found out, and your comprehensive coverage policy won’t cover the repairs or replacement expenses. This includes things like vandalism, arson, or intentionally crashing your car. Consider that is felony conviction, and if file a fraudulent claim to your car insurer will deny your claim, cancel your policy. For example, if you destroy your car by arson, you may end up in jail for a while.

  • DUIs: If you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal in all states, that’s obvious. Your car insurer will only cover the possible injuries you cause to someone while that DUI. But they won’t cover your vehicle or your injuries during that accident.

  • Racing: Many car insurers exclude from their coverage any damage caused at a designed location for compeet or race with your car. So if you’re going to do a high-performance driving schools, your comprehensive coverage won’t cover it.

  • Commercial usage of your car: 48 states requires you to purchase minimum liability, collison or comprehensive cover for your car in state you live, however ,that policy only covers the personal usage of your vehicle. In that case you have to purchase commercial insurance to cover you or your co-workers while driving to a meeting or heading to do any task from your job.

What Should You Do if Your Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy Does Not Cover Certain Situations?

There are a few things you can do in case your comprehensive car insurance policy doesn’t cover the damages of your car:

  • Consider add more coverage to your policy, for example, you can add collision coverage to cover your vehicle against any sort of collision regardless who is at fault, perhaps you could add PIP to cover you or the passengers inside your car from any possible you or them suffer during an accident.

  • Add Umbrella Insurance, that will provide extra coverage to your comprehensive coverage , this coverage will work when someone sues you for the damage above your coverage limits, then this coverage will pay what you owe to the other person. This way your savings are safe.

  • Talk to an insurance agent, discuss your options about what your policy covers and what not. That professional will help you find the best coverage option for you.


Comprehensive insurance is a coverage option that most lenders will request you to add to your policy when buying a new car, you are spending a little fortune in your new car, so you should protect it well, but also, you must know what your policy covers and what not like the damages caused by the daily use of your car or DUI, if you commit DUI, your insurer will only cover the liability limit of your coveage to the injuries you commited to other people, but remember, they won’t cover your vehicle at all in this situation. You still have several options to be more safe while driving like adding umbrella insurance or collision coverage to your policy. Don’t forget to talk with a car insurance agent to clarify any question you have about your comprehensive coverage.

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