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 Everybody in 48 state must to have proof of insurance to legally driving in their state's roads. Having comprehensive car insurance is something you might need when buying a new car, most lenders will request you to add comprehensive coverage option in your policy to allow you buy the car you wish.

You only have to check the declaration page of your policy to know what does it covers

In this article, we will explain how to check if you have comprehensive car insurance and what you can do if you don't have it yet.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance is an auto insurance coverage option that will protect your vehicle against acts of God, vandalism or theft among other. As I said, this is an auto insurance option, but it's highly recommended for those who want to be fully protected while driving on the road.

For example, Patrick is a retired man who is living in Florida, as we all know Florida is the best place to enjoy the beach, sun baths, but... there are also hurricanes, and once of those hurricanes may affect to his car, so the best way to protect his vehicle is buying comprehensive coverage, becuase all the damages caused by that hurricane will be covered by his comprehensive car insurance policy.

How to Check if You Have Comprehensive Car Insurance?

There are many ways to check if you have comprehensive car insurance or not, such as:

  • Have a look on the declaration page of your policy: The fastest and easiest way to check what does your policy covers is checking directly on your policy's declaration page. You can also check what sort of coverage you have, including whether it is comprehensive or not.

  • Contact your car insurance company: If you don't want to read all the pages of the declaraion page from your policy, you can just contact to your car insurance agent, you only have to tell that agent you want to be sure what type of coverage do you have. That person would be gladly to help you verify this for you.

  • Visit your car insurance website: You can log in your car insurance website, then go through your personal settings, it might appear what your policy covers.

What to Do if You Don't Have Comprehensive Car Insurance?

If you find out you don’t have comprehensive car insurance and you really want or need this car insurance option, you can always follow any of the tips below:

  • Buy a comprehensive insurance policy: Just contact the car insurance agent from the car insurance company you want to buy comprehensive car insurance and tell that person you want to buy comprehensive car insurance, your agent will ask you sveral questions you must answer honestly and you will obtain it.

  • Upgrade your existing policy: If you already have a car insurance policy, and you want to continue with your car insurance company, then you just have to contact your agent and request it. It won’t take so much time until your new car insurance coverage option be available in your polocy.

  • Consider other types of coverage: If for any reason you can't buy comprehensive car insurance, and you still want to get more coverage for your vehicle, you can always add collision, PIP, Medpay or roadside assistance in your policy, but again, these coverage options won't protect your vehicle against acts of God just like comprehensive car insurance does.

Benefits of Comprehensive Car Insurance

There are several benefits to having comprehensive car insurance, including:

  • Protection against the acts of God: Comprehensive insurance covers the acts of God, these acts may be fire, flood, hurricanes, tornados, hitting a deer while driving, earthquakes, and so on.

  • Peace of mind: Knowing that your vehicle is protected against vandalism or theft will also make you feel more relaxed.

  • Financial protection: Comprehensive insurance can help protect you against financial losses in case for any reason your vehicel damages other properties or people when your vehicle stole.


Q: What is the difference between comprehensive insurance and liability insurance?

A: Liability is the minimum coverage needed to drive on your state’s roads. Normally liability is not enough to cover your vehicle, so you will need to buy additional coverage, in this case, comprehensive car insurance will cover your vehicle against acts of God (hurricanes, hails, earthquakes, flood, fires), vandalism, or theft among others.

Q: Does comprehensive insurance cover all types of accidents?

A: No, comprehensive car insurance does not cover all of them, in fact it won’t cover collision accidents. Comprehensive car insuance mostly covers the acts of God, vandalism or theft.

Q: Is comprehensive insurance required by law?

A: No, it’s not requited, but it’s highly recommended when buying a new vehicle, many lenders will also request you to add comrpehensive car insurance when buying a new car.

Q: Can I add comprehensive insurance to my existing policy?

A: Yes, just contact your car insurer’s agent, follow your agent’s steps, and you will add comprehensive to your policy.


Comprehensive car insurance is one of the most protective coverage options for your vehicle, it covers any act of God, vandalism or theft among others. If you want to be sure if your policy has comprehensive coverage. you can check it on the declaration page of your policy, contact your car insuranace agent, or visti your car insurance's website. In case you don't have comprehensive coverage and you want to obtain it for your vehicle, you can contact your car insurance's agent and upgrade your policy, you can also consider other types of coverage, or just buy it directly.

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