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Fully comprehensive car insurance is a type of car insurance that offers protection against a wide range of potential risks. When we talk about fully comprehensive car insurance, we not only talk about what it covers, because this one covers damage to your vehicle caused by acts of God, vandalism, or theft but also covers the damage to other vehicles and properties during an accident, as well as personal injury to yourself or others.

Fully comprehensive car insurance is an extension of the comprehesive coverage that you would need in the future

As you can see, this is the best coverage you can buy for your car due the grade of protection, and it's generally considered the best option for most drivers.

What Does Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover?

Fully comprehensive car insurance policies provide coverage for the following:

  • Fully comprehensive car insurance will pay the repair costs of your vehicle and its replacements in an accident, regardless of who was at fault.

  • If you suffer and accident, and you car insurer consider you were at fault, your fully comprehensive car insurance policy will cover the repairing costs or any damage you have caused to other vehicles or property.

  • If you are involved in an accident and syou got injured, your fully comprehensive car insurance policy will cover you for medical bills and lost income.

  • This type of insurance -as it’s a fully comprehensive coverage- will protect if you are at fault for an accident and someone else files a claim against you.

Who Should Consider Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Fully comprehensive car insurance is suitable for a wide range of drivers, including those who:

  • Drive a high-value vehicle: If you bought an expensive car, an uncommon car, or maybe you have requested a loan to buy your car, then fully comprehensive insurance is the best option to ensure it is well protected.

  • Have a poor driving record: If you have a driving history full of accidents or traffic violations, fully comprehensive insurance offers you better protection.

  • Want to not worry about anything: If you want to be sure that you have the best protection for your car, fully comprehensive insurance is the best option.

What is the Cost of Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance?

The cost of fully comprehensive car insurance varies depending on several factors, including:

  • The value of your car: The your actual cost of your vehicle is, the higher your insurance premiums will be. That is due the risk to insure your vehicle.

  • Your driving history: If you had many accidents or traffic violations, your insurance premiums will likely be higher.

  • Your age and experience: Younger and less experienced drivers are typically considered higher-risk drivers, so their insurance premiums are generally higher.

How to Choose the Right Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

When choosing a fully comprehensive car insurance policy, consider the following factors:

  • Be sure you understand what your policy covers and what doesn't. Remember to take a look at the declaration page of your policy.

  • Higher deductibles will make your premiums decrease. You will have to pay more out of pocket to the repair shop.

  • You should check how that car insurer's reputation is. Take a look at Best Bureau Business reviews about that car insurance company. This way, you can determine how good is that insurance company.

  • Car insurance companies with good reputations tend to have happy customers when filling a claim, do some research about their financial stability on AM Best or Standard & Poors.


  • Fully comprehensive car insurance covers almost all the possible events that may damage your car, including damage to your vehicle or other vehicles and property -no matter who was at fault- personal injury, and third-party liability.

  • Many factors will make the comprehensive car insurance costs vary as your age, the actual value of your vehicle, or your driving history.

  • Car insurance companies have different sorts of coverage, and so does their reputation towards settling claims to their customers. I strongly recommend you do some research about the car insurance company you want to purchase your fully comprehensive car insurance.


Q: What is the difference between fully comprehensive car insurance and third-party one?

A: Fully comprehensive insurance provides coverage for damage to your vehicle, as well as damage to other cars or properties, personal injury, and third-party liability.

Q: Do I need fully comprehensive insurance if my car is not worth much?

A: Fully comprehensive insurance may cost more than other types of insurance, so everything depends on how your vehicle is. If you’ve driving an old car that is not woth $3,000, and you’re going to buy a new vehicle soon, then you should consider do not buy it. In the other hand, if you’re driving an old car, and you can’t affort to buy a new one, then you should conisder buy some additional coverage for your vehicle. This way most of your vehicle’s repair bills will be covered.

Q: Can I add extra coverage to my fully comprehensive insurance policy?

A: Yes, most insurance companies offer additional coverage options that can be added to your fully comprehensive policy, such as roadside assistance or personal accident coverage.

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