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Small rocks may impact our windshield while driving. But we may not know if my policy will cover it or not. In that case, having comprehensive coverage or collision coverage, you will be covered. Moreover, comprehensive coverage will cover a small rock cracking your windshield. Comprehensive coverage will also cover many other scenarios in which your windshield may suffer damage. 

if your windshield has several cracks or chips in the drivers vision sight, you must replace it

We will also explain what sort of windshield damages won’t be covered by your comprehensive coverage. What you need to know about how to protect your windshields and is that worth buying it.

What is Comprehensive Coverage?

Comprehesnive coverage is just a coverage option that will protect your car against non-collision dangers like theft, vandalism, falling objects -like trees, rocks, hails-, natural disasters -like fire, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes-, animal related damages, among others. This coverage option is not mandatory, but almost all lenders will request you to add it along with collision coverage.

What is Windshield Damage?

Just like it sounds, windshield damage is the damage caused on your car’s windshield. That sort of damages are very common, sometimes we may face a small rock or debris that would crack your car’s windshield while we drive. Other common ways that your windshield would suffer damage is due small chips or scratches that increase their size while your car steps over a bump in the road.

Why is Comprehensive Coverage Necessary for Windshield Damage?

Many cracked windshields are the effect of a collision between 2 or more vehicles. As you know, your comprehensive coverage won't cover collision damages. But imagine this situation: You are driving on the I-405, and suddenly, a small rock hits your windshield, and your windshield cracks. In that case, your comprehensive coverage will cover it.
Windshield repair costs and replacement will be even more expensive than a small crack on your windshield. Everything depends on the severity of your windshield damage. Remember, driving in some states with a damaged windshield is illegal.
Some states will request you to pass a safety inspection, so if you have cracks or patterns on your windshield while driving, you won’t pass that inspection.

What sort of windshield damages will cover comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive coverage will cover any non-collision damages caused in your windshield like theft, vandalism, natural disasters, falling objects, whitin others.

What sort of windshield damages won’t cover comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive coverage won’t cover collision accidents, you will need collision coverage for that.

How Much Does Comprehensive Coverage for Windshield Damage Cost?

Many factors will affect the damage costs of your windshield through comprehensive coverage, such as your car’s make and model, your windshield features like rain sensors, the severity of your windshield damage, and the glass used to replace your windshield, among others. On average, the repair costs of a windshield chip are not so expensive, around $60 to $115. On the other hand, if for any reason you must replace your windshield, that will be costly depending on your vehicle’s make and model, you will pay something between $200 to $500. Any windshield repairing specialist would replace your windshield in less than 1 hour, but that would be only possible if the windshield frame is not damaged too. If the windshield frame is damaged too, it takes more time.

When should you need to replace your windshield?

Some basic rules may help you to know when you need to replace a windshield:

  • If you see your windshield has a 3 inches crack, you must replace it.

  • If your windshield has a 3 inches wider chip, you must replace it.

  • If the damaged part of the windshield located in the driver’s area, you must replace it (imagine you have an accident and windshield cracks and those crystals impact your head, that’s why you must replace it).

  • If you see those chips and cracks on your windshield are too dirty to let you see the road clearly, you must replace them.

  • If your windshield has many cracks and chips located in different parts of the windshield, you must replace it at once. The integrity of your windshield compromises the security of you and your passengers, and it won’t stand another hit.

Should You Purchase Comprehensive Coverage for Windshield Damage?

Everything depends on your personal needs. Perhaps you may think you don’t need it, and you may be right. But also, you may need it because you’re driving a classic car, and finding original pieces from those vehicles is very rare. Maybe, you live in a state where you can see deer on the road. Those deer may hit your car, and you need that extra coverage to protect your windshield if you hit a deer.


Q: What does comprehensive coverage for windshield damage typically cover?

A: Comprehensive coverage will cover all non-collision damages received in any part of your car including windshield. By non-collison damages may refer to falling trees, rocks or debris, hitting a deer, hail, theft or vandalism. In case your windshield is broken by collision, that won’t be covered.

Q: Can I purchase comprehensive coverage for windshield damage separately from my car insurance policy?

A: That may vary from insurer to insurer, but you can buy windshield insurance, windshield repair insurance, and full windshield replacement insurance for your car.

Q: Will my comprehensive coverage for windshield damage increase my insurance premium?

A: That depends if you have accident forgiveness or not, if you have accident forgiveness, then your premiums won’t increase. If you filed a claim before, your premiums will most likely increase.

Q: How long does it take to replace a damaged windshield?

A: The normal amount of time neeed to replace a damaged windshield will take less than 1 hour, but that will only be possible under good windshield frame conditions.


Comprehensive coverage for windshield damage is a good way to protect your car and your windshield against non-collision dangers like hail, rocks, debris, fallen trees, or when hitting a deer. As you may know, a small chip in your windshield is not that expensive, it may cost aroudn $60 to $115. In the other hand, replacing a windshield may be quite expensive, something between $200 and $500, that price may vary depending on your car’s make and model, but in any case it may be quite expensive to replace.

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