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 Travelers is one of the well-known car insurance company in the country, their company only offers comprehensive coverage in 42 states and Washington, DC. They offer great car insurance options, but we're going to focus how much it costs, what factors would affect on your quotes, or how to save money in your policy.

Travelers is one of the best comprehensive car insurance options to think about due their low rates being good driver

What is Travelers Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Travelers insurancee offers Comprehensive Coverage for their customers, so the key of this coverage option is to protect your vehicle againsts the acts of God like flood, fire, hurricanes, tornados or earthquakes, as same as acts of vandalism or theft on your vehicle. In a nut-shell, your vehicle will be protected against non-collision damages.

How much does Travelers Comprehensive Car Insurance cost?

Many factors will affect on your comprehensive car insurance rates from Trravelers like your car’s make and model, your driving record, your age, or your claim history. On average, a 35-year-old driver with a clean record, driving a Subaru Outback will pay $130 per month for a comprehensive car insurance from Travelers.

How much does Travelers' Comprehensive Car Insurance cost compared to other car insurers?

We've been checking how much does other comprehensive car insurance companies cost using our 35-year-old driver with a clean record driving a Subaru Outback, that's why I will display their average cost from 5 car insurers like Geico, USAA, Progressive, Nationwide and State Farm.

  • USAA: $158 per month. They offer great discounts and their claim satisfaction rate is the highest in the country, but it's only available for drivers with military ties.
  • Progressive: $136 per month, They cover your pet in case you suffer an accident with your car, and you can add rideshare on your policy, but their customer service is not very reliable.
  • Travelers: $130 per month. They offer many coverage options, but rideshare coverage is only available in Illinois and Colorado, so if you're living in California, you will be doomed if your car breaks down heading to Las Vegas.
  • Nationwide: $116 per month. They have the cheapest car insurance for students but their reviews in are not that good.
  • State Farm: $158 per month, it's your best choice when you have driven with a suspend license or after a hit-and-run. but they don't offer gap insurance as coverage option, so you're asking lenders some money to buy your car, and for any case your car gets totaled right after leaving the dealership, and you will still have to pay the loan.

Benefits and Drawbacks of buying Comprehensive Coverage from Travelers Insurance:

One of the main benefits of Travelers' comprehensive car insurance is the extensive coverage it provides, protecting against non-collision events that may cause damage to a car. Additionally, the company offers customizable coverage options and a range of benefits such as 24/7 claim service and rental car reimbursement.

One such drawback is the cost, which may be higher compared to other insurance providers. Additionally, some customers have reported issues with claim handling and customer service, that can be a great problem.

Ultimately, whether or not to buy a Travelers comprehensive car insurance policy depends on your needs, you should compare several car insurers before deciding to buy any policy.

Factors that affect the cost of Travelers Comprehensive Car Insurance

  • Zip code: Each state have their own car insurance laws, there are no-fault states that will reques you to to file bodily injury claims with their own insurance through their PIP coverage. Living in a city where there is a high car theft rate or a countryside town will also affect on your premiums, someone who lives in Los Angeles won’t pay the same than someone who is living in Saint Hellena.

  • Your age: Teen driversare considered higher risk,they don’t have a lot of driving expience, and that will make them paying more for their premiums than a 50-year-old driver who is more experience on the road.

  • Driving records: If you have many violations such as speeding tickets or a DUI will greatly affect on your car insurance rates, as the reference explained above, a 35-year-old driver with clean record driving a Subaru Outback will pay $130 per month, but the same driver with a DUI will pay $294 per month.

  • Make and model of your car: Depending on what car are you going to insure will also affect on your car insurance premiums, I’ve used a Subaru Outback as reference for a comprehensive car insurance that has many safety devices and it’s less likely to theft. In the other hand, if you want to cover a Ford Mustang or a Dodge Challenger, then your car insurance rates will increase due their engine power.

How to save money on Travelers Comprehensive Car Insurance

  • If you increase your deductible, you will make feel Travelers insurance think you won’t file claims so lightly, decreasing your comprehensive car insurance premiums.

  • Good drivers get lower premiums and get access to different discounts and special offers for being good drivers.

  • Travelers offers a bunch of discounts like safe driver, multi-car, apay-in-full, autopay, new car, early renew, and driving trainer discount among others.

  • You can bundle your policies, this way you will pay way less. For example, you can bundle your homeowners or your renter’s insurance with your car insurance to obtain great discounts.


Travelers insurance is one of the best options when buying comprehensive car insurance, it's only available in 42 states and Washington, DC. On average a 35-year-old driver with a clean record driving a Subaru Outback will pay $130 per month for a comprehensive coverage from Travelers. Remember: many factors will affect on your car insurance rates such as your driving records or the discounts you apply on your policy. The same driver with a clean record will that has a DUI will end up paying $294 per month for that violation.


Q: Is Travelers Comprehensive Car Insurance worth it?

A: Yes, Travelers Comprehensive Car Insurance can be worth it if you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your car is protected against a wide range of risks and damages.

Q: What does Travelers Comprehensive Car Insurance cover?

A: Travelers comprehensive car insurance protects your vehicle against any non-collision accident like acts of God (fire, flood, hurricanes, tornados, hails, earthquakes), acts of vandalism or theft.

Q: How much does Travelers comprehensive car insurance cost?

A: The cost of the Comprehensive car insurance from Travelers depends on many factors such as your driving records, your age, or your car’s make and model, but as reference, on average, a 35-year-old driver with a clean record driving a Subaru Outback will pay $130 per month.

Q: Are there any discounts available for Travelers comprehensive car insurance?

A: Yes, Travelers offers many discounts like good driver, multi-car, apay-in-full, autopay, new car, early renew, good student, and driving trainer discount among others.

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