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We don’t want to face any shortage of documentation when we file a comprehensive insurance claim, we must feel we did everything well, but in the end, for any random reason, our car insurer tell us the settlement they’re going to give us is quite lower than what we expected, there might be something we missed while filing our claim. That’s why it’s very important to be sure we provided all the documentation.

Be Thorough when filing your comprehensive  insurance claim

This article will discuss what comprehensive insurance is and how documentation plays a role in filing an insurance claim. It will also cover the different types of documentation required when submitting an insurance claim, as well as tips on how to ensure that all necessary documents are properly collected and submitted.

What is Comprehensive Insurance?

Comprehensive insurance coverage is a coverage option that will protect your car against non-collision damages such as, theft, vandalism, natural disasters (floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes), animal-related damages (hitting a deer, rodent damages), falling objects (tress, rocks, debris), among others.

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Why Documentation is Important in Comprehensive Insurance Claims

When it comes to filing an insurance claim, the importance of documentation cannot be overstated. You as a comprehensive insurance policyholder must provide all the information related to the accident you can.

For example, Let’s say a deer hit your car, you call the police to file a report, this way you can proof a detailed description of the accident to your car insurer, you can take pictures of the hood and the windshield of your car, this way you can show your car insurance how severe the damages is your car are. In addition, you can call a trusted mechanic to request him/her how much would cost to fix your car. All this information will be vital to obtain a good settlement.

Tips for Documenting Your Comprehensive Insurance Claim

Here are some tips for documenting your comprehensive insurance claim effectively:

1. Take Photos and Videos

The best you can do is take many pictures and videos. Take pictures of all the damaged parts of the accident. Those pictures and videos must be in high resolution, and clean. Take several pictures of the same damaged parts from different angles. This way your car insurer will know of the damages and their extent.

2. Keep All Receipts and Invoices

When we talk about money and car insurers, they will try to save as much money as they can. So keep all receipts and invoices of the body shop, maybe the towing service, etc. All these invoices and receipts will help you to prove the money you will spend to repair your car.

3. Document Your Communication with the Insurance Company

When we talk with our car insurer, we must feel like everything will be fine and they will keep their word every time. However, just in case, record your phone calls with your car insurer, and save your emails and letter with them. This way you will make sure they keep their word. Don’t forget to make sure the date and time are also recorded in each communication with your car insurer.

4. Get a Professional Estimate

As I explained above, when we talk about money with your car insurer, it’s better to estimate all the expenses to repair your car. You may ask why, well, that’s simple, if you know a trusted mechanic who can tell you the real repair or replacement costs of all the damaged parts of your vehicle, you have legit proof to explain why your car insurer must give you more money to repair your vehicle.

5. Be Thorough

When you file a claim, you must be thorough while documenting it. The main reason why is if you lack information to provide to your car insurer about your claim, your car insurer can’t read your mind, so they will give you less money than what you deserve.


You must document everything before filing your claim, because if you don’t document it properly. Your car insurer won't give you what you really deserve for your claim. Take pictures from different angles of the damaged parts, take some videos too, and keep all receipts and invoices to make a strong case when your car insurer tries to give you less money for your claim. Don't forget to save all emails and letters you received from your car insurer, and be thorough, this way you will have legit reasons to obtain the real amount of money for your claim.

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