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 Comprehensive Insurance is that coverage option you must to add when you ask for loan lenders always request you to add comprehensive and collision coverage in your policy. Today’s post is quite important: we’re going to explain the question that many drivers would like to know whether Comprehensive Insurance covers any drive, especially when lending our cars to friends or our family members like our spouse and children. In this article, we will explore this topic in detail and explain how comprehensive Insurance works, what it covers, and what factors affect its scope of coverage.

You should ask for a coverage endorsement named “permissive use” coverage, this way you'd be able to lend your friends or family members to use your car

What is Comprehensive Insurance?

Comprehensive insurance protects your car against many unexpected scenarios on the road as natural disasters (fires, floods, hails, hurricanes, earthquakes), vandalism, or theft, among others. The key to this coverage is it also covers windshield and glass damage (if someone tries to break into your car to steal something, this coverage option will cover the repair bills). As said above, most lenders will request you to add this coverage option along with Collision Insurance, the reason why lenders will request it is simple, they must cover the item for what their customers asked that loan.

Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover Any Drive?

The short answer is no. Comprehensive Insurance can’t cover any driver who drives your car. Imagine this situation: you lend someone else your car, and that person is driving your vehicle has suspended driving license, then your car insurance rates would increase ridiculously high because of this fault. Instead of, your Comprehensive Insurance covers only the named insured (the person who owns the policy) and any drivers listed on the policy. Therefore, if you lend your car to someone not listed on your policy and they cause an accident, your comprehensive insurance option will deny it, and you will have to pay that out your pocket.

However, some car insurers may offer an endorsement or rider to your policy. That endorsement will extend the coverage of your policy to other drivers you lend them to drive your vehicle, such as family members or friends. This endorsement is named "permissive use" coverage, this is an excellent addition to you comprehensive Insurance, but usually has some restrictions and conditions you must be aware like the driver must have a valid license, must not use the car for business purposes or must have your permission to use the car.

What Factors Affect the Scope of Coverage?

Several factors can affect the scope of coverage of your comprehensive insurance policy, including:

  • The level of coverage you choose: Comprehensive insurance comes with different levels of coverage, such as actual cash value, stated value, or agreed value. The higher the coverage level, the more protection you have against loss or damage to your car.

  • Your deductible: In a nut-shell, this is what your car insurer will deduce when they pay your check. Let’s say you set $500 deductibles, for any reason you suffer an accident and the repair bills cost $2,500, in that case your car insurance will give you a check worth $2,000 ($2,500 - $500 = $2,000).

  • Your car's value: The cost of your vehicle will alwways affect on how much will you have to pay for your premimums. For example: If you suffer an accident with your Subaru Outback that is worth $29,000, you know the replacing parts are easy to find, so their price will be lower than a Bentley, we all know Bently is a great car, and so it’s price $300,000, its replacements will be more expensive, and that will increase the premiums we must to pay

  • Your driving history: Well, this is quite simple to anderstand, if you’re had several tickets, DUIs or just many claims filled, you will look like a high-risk driver. That will make your premiums increase ridiculously high. The best you can do is being a good driver, this way you will save a lot of money.


Q: Can I add other drivers to my comprehensive insurance policy?

A: Yes, you can add other drivers to your policy by listing them on the policy or adding a permissive use endorsement. However, this may affect your premiums and your eligibility for coverage.

Q: Does comprehensive insurance cover rental cars?

A: Yes, most comprehensive insurance policies cover rental cars, but you should check with your insurer to confirm the terms and conditions.

Q: Does comprehensive insurance cover natural disasters?

A: Yes, of course it covers natural disasters, in fact Comprehensive Insurance protects your vehicle against any act of God due this coverage option is focused to cover non-collision damages.


Comprehensive insurance is the key to protect your car on the road, specially if you live in a zone where fires or flods are somehow normal. Those drivers who face deers while driving on the road would also benefit from this coverage option, in fact, it will also cover theft and vandalism. In the other hand, no, your Comprehensive Insurance can’t cover any driver who drives your car. It will only cover those drivers listed in the policy. If you want to lend other friends or family members to driver your car, then you should ask for a coverage endorsement named “permissive use” coverage, this one will lend other friends or family members to drive your car, but, remmeber, there are some restrictions like the driver must have a valid license, must not use the car for business purposes or must have your permission to use the car.

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