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 Car insurance is mandatory in 48 states, that car insurnace requirement by law is an essencial protection when you're driving in most roads of the country. Comprehensive insurance is one of the best coverage options available for your vehicle. This coverage will not only protect your vehicle from water damage but also from other acts of God -fire, flood, hails, hurricanes-, vandalism, and theft. Today's topic is a commonly asked question for many of us: Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover Water Damage? continue reading to know the answer.

Several policies won't cover water damage caused by a pipe, you have to read carefully your policy's declaration page to be sure what it covers

Understanding Comprehensive Car Insurance

As I said in the introduction, comprehensive insurance is the best coverage option for your car. It covers your vehicle covers acts of God, vandalism, and theft. The best of comprehensive coverage is the relief of having your car covered by flood. As you know, water damage may destroy your vehicle's engine.

Water Damage and Comprehensive Car Insurance

Most of us think about water damage directly and think about floods. There are other ways to deal with water damage to your vehicle. Think about hurricanes or just heavy rains. When that happens, you better get comprehensive coverage in your policy.
If you purchase a comprehensive car insurance policy protecting it against water damage. You have to understand water damage may destroy your car's engine and that car repair is costly.

The Importance of Reading Your Policy

It's crucial to understand that different comprehensive car insurance policies may have different definitions of what is considered water damage. Some policies may only cover damage from natural disasters, while others may include damage from broken pipes or other sources. Before you decide to purchase a comprehensive insurance policy, Look at their declaration page, and be sure that comprehensive insurance covers what you need.

What to Do in Case of Water Damage?

The first thing you must do is look for droplets that may indicate if your vehicle's engine has water damage. If it's just minor water damage, you will only have to change the cylinders that have been affected by water and check for corroded spots. You will most likely need to change oil and transmission fluids, etc. Remember that you must file a claim to your car insurance company first, take pictures and videos of the affected parts of your vehicle, and send your vehicle to the repair shop.

Once your vehicle is in the repair shop, the mechanic will check how bad the water damage is. Your auto insurer will also calculate the total loss value of your vehicle, and depending on how bad that damage is, your car may end up totaled. In this case, you can also file for gap insurance.

How to Prevent Water Damage

Ok, you already bought comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, but you don't want to make your premiums increase, remember this sentence: -prevention is better than filing a claim-. Try preventing water damage by following this tips:

  • Parking in a garage or covered area

  • Installing a sump pump in your basement to prevent water damage from heavy rain

  • Regularly checking your car for signs of water damage

  • Avoiding driving through flooded areas


Q: Does comprehensive car insurance cover water damage from a flood?

A: Yes, comprehensive car insurance often covers water damage from floods, but it's important to check your specific policy to see what types of water damage are covered.

Q: What should I do if my car is damaged by water?

A: Look for droplets and corroded parts of your vehicle, take pictures and videos of the affected parts of your vehicle, send your vehicle to the repair shop and file the claim to your car insurance company.

Q: Will my insurance rates go up if I file a claim for water damage?

A: That depends on many factors, if that was your first claim in your life, then your car insurance may apply accident forgiveness, making your policy doesn’t rise at all, however, that is less likely to be expected. In general your premiums will rise up.

Q: Can I prevent water damage to my car?

A: Yes, you can prevent water damage to your car, such as parking in a garage or covered area, installing a sump pump, check for signs of droplets or corroded parts, and avoiding driving through flooded areas -if the other vehicle passes the flood area doens’t mean you will-.

Q: What types of water damage are covered by comprehensive car insurance?

A: The types of water damage covered by comprehensive car insurance will vary from policy to policy, but it often includes damage from natural disasters, such as floods and hurricanes, and from other sources, such as broken pipes. Be sure to carefully read your policy to understand what is covered.


Comprehensive insurance will protect your vehicle against water damage, but you also have to check what your policy covers. Some car insurers will cover water damage from natural disasters only. When your car has water damage by flood or any other kind, you have to look for droplets or corroded parts, take pictures of the affected parts of your vehicle and file the claim as soon as possible. 

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