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Those drivers with any sort of criminal conviction tend to pay higher insurance premiums than a clean record driver. No matter what sort of criminal conviction you got, all of them matter to your car insurance company, regardless of the crime you commit, and that is because your insurer sees you as a greater risk.

Those drivers with any sort of criminal conviction tend to pay higher insurance premiums than a clean record driver

How can my criminal record affect my insurance policy premiums?

If you have any criminal conviction you will look like to be a risk to your car insurance company. Even so, everything depends on what sort of criminal conviction you commit. If you have a criminal conviction related to your driving, then you will pay way more than having a fine for not having a TV license, but also, if you had any kind of criminal conviction related to an insurance company fraud, then you will represent a bigger risk for your auto insurance.

Do I have to declare all my criminal records to my car insurance company?

There are many different convictions, depending on your conviction felony or the sort of your conviction, your car insurance company will consider your conviction spent. That means, if the court sentenced you with a community order or less than 6 months of prison, then your conviction will be spent 2 years later your sentence ends. On the other hand, if you were sentenced to be in prison for more than 2 years and a half, your conviction will keep unspent forever.

If you’re willing to apply your policy, you must know that the car insurer will request you to declare any unspent conviction for 5 years. Once that period has expired, your conviction will be placed as spent. Remember that if your insurer does not ask you about your convictions you won’t be forced to tell it to your auto car insurance.

Do not even try to withhold any convictions, if you’re asked, this is really important because your car insurance company would be deemed invalid, but also, you’d have to pay the mechanic bill from your own pocket.

Can my auto insurer see my driving record?

Yes, all the car insurers can see your driving record. They will pull your Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) once you apply for your insurance policy, also, this report will show your insurer all your recent tickets, accident, suspensions, or convictions.

Depending on the information you provide to your car insurance on your application, your insurer will change your policy price, or even deny your application.

Is any way to save money on my car insurance if I have criminal convictions?

If you have any sort of conviction and you really need to look for several car insurers, I recommend you compare as many quotes as you can. You can also reduce your coverage, but only if your coverage limits are high, you could reduce collisions and comprehensive coverage on an older vehicle. You can always rise up your deductibles, I talked about this topic here, but beware, consider that increasing your deductibles will make you pay more towards your mechanic bills, so be sure you will be able to afford it before rising it. You can also buy another car which makes you pay fewer premiums, most of the new car models have many safety devices or anti-theft devices. Take safe driver classes, that will also make your insurer look at your as less risky than you currently are.

You can also reduce your coverage, but only if your coverage limits are high, you could reduce collisions and comprehensive coverage on an older vehicle.

Which are the best auto insurers that don’t ask for criminal convictions?

Technically, there are no auto insurers that they don’t ask about your criminal convictions related to your driving style record. Meanwhile, your criminal record is not related to your driving behavior, you will find many auto insurers who will give you an affordable price for your policy.

What must I disclose?

Everything depends on the car insurer your choose for your insurance policy. If you check your policy on a price-comparison website, they often request more information about you, such as the number of insurance, which they have different coverage acceptance criteria.

If you are cautionary or reprimand policyholder, you won’t need to disclose any of this with your auto insurance company.

You must disclose any conviction while your policy term is active.

If you are not sure what you have to tell your car insurer about any criminal conviction, you should disclose the most information you can to your auto car insurance company. You must understand that something you consider irrelevant may be very relevant to your auto insurance company.


  • If you had any conviction you will have to pay more premiums than a safe driver, but a single small mistake in your past won’t let you permanently without car insurance coverage.

  • You can’t expect any car insurer that won’t check your driving convictions.

  • If your conviction is not related to driving, then you could also check and compare prices from those car insurers who ask about your criminal record. You will also obtain traditional coverage at a normal price.

  • If your conviction is related to any reckless driving or DUI you will be considered a high-risk driver, so you will have to buy a high-risk car insurance policy, and depending on the state you live in, you will need an SR-22 or FR-44 certificate.

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