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Looking for good coverage car insurance with a low price may be a real nightmare. Especially when you can see the same driver could be charged from $26 to $225 per month depending on the insurance company you choose. Let me explain how can you find the cheapest car insurance for you. These are the cheapest companies:


USAA is the cheapest car insurance company for all active-duty US. Military, veterans, and their family members. Their coverage rates come from $30 per month. So this is the most affordable car insurance, depending on the state you live their quotes may increase too.


GEICO has one of the best rewarded well-rewarded auto insurance coverage in the US. They offer the best rates after discounts, depending on where you live you will obtain a higher or lower discount, but anyways they still have the lowers price including Florida and California. If you’re a safe driver, then GEOLOGIC will give you up to a 22% discount, compared to the average 10% of the rest of the auto insurance companies, if your car has installed any anti-theft device, then GEICO will provide you up to 23% discount, which compared to the rest of the insurance companies which often to be around 15%.


Nationwide has the 3 rd largest auto insurance company in the country, they have the cheapest pay-per-mileage coverage among the rest of the companies. They offer a $60 base rate for the first 50,000 miles, and they add a small device to count how many miles you drive every month in Chicago.

State Farm

State Farm is the largest auto insurance company across the country, they have the cheapest available rates in 29 states, and they have a great network of local agents, which means your city might have a State Farm agent who can help you to compare rates. State farm average coverage rate comes around $39 per month.

The cheapest car insurance companies you can get after a ticket

If you receive a ticket, you know that your insurance rate will increase, there are many different tickets you can receive, and so, you can choose the cheapest insurance depending on the fault you committed before. Anyways, overall, the cheapest insurance company for those drivers who have some tickets or suffered any sort of accident are Erie Insurance, State Farm, Progressive, or Nationwide. Meanwhile,  other companies would increase this rate by 22% or more, and Erie will increase your rates by 7% so Erie company rate for drivers who have some tickets is the least expensive after driving accident ticket.

This is the cheapest car insurance company after a DUI

If you have a DUI, then you will notice your quotes will rise like a rocket to the sky. I recommend to those drivers with one at-fault accident, or just a recent DUI to look for regional insurers or MMG, they offer the cheapest prices for this sort of policy. Their average price goes around $59 per month.

This is the cheapest car insurance company after driving with a suspended license ticket

If you drive with a suspended license, and the authorities find out, you will get a ticket, and then you will have to pay $75 more from your policy. State Farm is the cheapest choice for you after a citation for driving a suspended license.

This is the cheapest car insurance company after a hit-and-run

If you committed a hit-and-run, you must know that is the most costly citation for any insurance company, it’s even pricier than a DUI. So after a hit-and-run citation, your best option is State Farm, which is relatively cheap after a citation around $153 per month.

This is the cheapest car insurance company for student drivers

Every parent wants their children to be safe on road, we all had that problem when we try to look for cheap insurance for a teenager. USAA is the cheapest in this case, but if you don’t have any relative doing any duty in the military, your best option is Nationwide, which costs around $177 per month.

This is the cheapest car insurance company with a poor or good credit score

As you already know, your driving skills are not the only factor concerning your insurance rates. Most insurance companies use a sort of credit-based insurance score to calculate your future car insurance price.

They check your debt and payment history, but on the other hand, many states such as California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Michigan don’t allow the insurers to use your credit score to determine your car insurance rates. A poor credit score will make you pay over $125 more per month to your insurers compared to good credit score drivers. Those drivers with a poor or good credit score should consider Farm Bureau, GEICO, or Nationwide.

This is the cheapest car insurance company for business drivers

Getting the cheapest quality-price auto insurance for any business driver, but also, any business driver will have to pay more due to the time spent on the road. Most ca insurers have their own version of these rules, which means, they can have special insurance company rules that cover delivery drivers, or salespeople who travel by car.

If you are looking for a really cheap rate, you have to consider choosing GEICO, Nationwide, State Farm, or Progressive. Their rates are around $90 to $110 per month.

This is the cheapest car insurance company for low-mileage drivers

If you don’t often drive such a lot, or you just work at home, then you should consider choosing Metromile, which was the first insurer to determine premiums by the number of miles you drive in the US. Metromile is a good deal for these drivers who drive fewer than 10,000 miles per year.

This kind of usage-based insurance is always cheaper than standard car insurance because your rates are mainly based on how good a driver you are. In that case, if you are a good driver, but also, don’t often drive so much, then Metromile is your best option. Remember many other factors will make your premiums increases, for example, your age, your gender, or your credit score.


As you can see, after all, choosing the right car insurance company is definitely more complicated than someone could expect, there are several tips I can offer you to decrease your insurance rates which are:

  • Be a safe driver

    If you are a safe driver you will get extra discounts from GEICO, Nationwide, or State Farm. If you follow the speed limits, and you follow all driving rules, then you will have a really extra discount, and if you already have any tickets, try to get a new rate once your violations age out in your rate-setting process.

  • Improve your credit score

    If you make your payments on time, or add your name to your parent’s or family member's utility bill, and do not spend all your balance using your credit card, will make your insurance rates decrease in a long term.

  • Take a defensive driving course

    Many insurers may offer you some defensive driving course, if you complete it, your rates will decrease too. In the meantime, your curbing risky behaviors will also decrease because you will quickly identify all these driving dangers.

Insurers tell me that I am a High-risk driver, so they don’t want to cover me, what can I do?

If auto insurers consider you a high-risk driver, they may refuse to offer you any coverage. If this happens, you should look for some kind of residual market plan. That sort of plan brings together those over-risky drivers in your state or province coverage without rising your premiums compared to other less risky drivers. The Automobile Insurance Plan Service Office (AIPSO) helps to find coverage for those risky drivers.

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