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College students who don't drive often should opt for a pay-per-mile policy. These plans are offered by companies such as Metromile and start at only $29 per month. However, if you plan to drive a lot, you should opt for a full coverage policy.

Even living in college you still have the chance to look for a cheap car insurance premium

Here is the best car insurance for a college student:


If you are in college and are looking for affordable car insurance, GEICO car insurance for college students is a great option. This company is known for its low rates, and the discounts offered are plentiful. It offers a good student discount and discounts for honor societies, fraternity and sorority memberships. GEICO also offers a roadside assistance plan.

A good student discount can save you up to 15% on your premium. GEICO partners with over 500 student organizations, so if you're a member of one, you can enjoy additional discounts. In addition, GEICO offers discounts for seat belt use and medical payments.

State Farm

Students can save money on State Farm car insurance by taking advantage of several student discounts. These include discounts for being good students, being a good driver, and driver education. State Farm also takes the safety of young drivers very seriously. They have a mobile app called Steer Clear that offers modules to help young drivers avoid dangerous situations on the road. If you complete these modules, you can save up to 15% on your car insurance premium.

The State Farm good student discount can help college students save 25% off their annual auto insurance. This discount is available to students age 16 to 25 who have a grade point average of at least 3.0. They also offer discounts for students who are homeschooled or are in the top 20% of their national test. Having a good student discount can be especially important when you're a young driver.


There are many ways to save money on USAA car insurance for college students. One of the most common ways is to stay on your parents' policy while your student is away at college. This will allow you to have a higher liability limit and still pay less than you would otherwise. If your child is living away from home, you can also keep them on your policy by making your home their primary address. This way, your child can still drive to school, but will pay a lower premium.

You can also take advantage of discounts for safe driving and good grades. Some car insurance companies offer discounts for completing driver training courses. Getting these discounts can help you save a great deal on your auto insurance. These discounts can last up to five years.


Metromile is a new car insurance company that offers low-cost car insurance for college students. Unlike traditional car insurance, Metromile charges only by the number of miles driven. As long as the driver doesn't exceed 5,000 miles per year, a student can save $500 or more per year on auto insurance. Metromile car insurance is available in select states, including California, Maryland, New York, and Illinois.

Insurers usually offer general discounts, such as good student discounts. They may also offer discounts based on your age or GPA. Also, check for company ratings. You should also look for insurers with a high J.D. Power rating to make sure the company is financially stable.


If you are a college student looking for affordable car insurance, Allstate may be the company for you. This car insurance provider offers basic and full coverage options. They also offer roadside assistance and flat tire help. You can get a free online insurance quote, and they have an app to help you manage your policy. In addition, you can use their app to pay your bill and set up automatic payments. Students also can take advantage of Allstate's accident forgiveness program.

College students can also benefit from mobile apps designed specifically for students. These apps provide digital proof of insurance cards, policy documents, and access to roadside assistance. The app also offers the Drivewise feature, which monitors your driving behavior and rewards you for good driving habits. Allstate's website also lets students view their policy details and make premium payments.

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