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How Much is Car Insurance for a Honda Accord Hybrid?

custom black color Honda Accord hybrid

With rising fuel costs and concerns for the environment, hybrid vehicles like the Honda Accord Hybrid are becoming increasingly popular. However, many drivers wonder how much is car insurance for a Honda Accord Hybrid and how choosing a hybrid affects their auto insurance premiums.

In this article, we will examine the key factors that determine insurance rates for the Honda Accord Hybrid. We will look at how the car's fuel efficiency, safety ratings, and other features may impact your insurance costs.

You'll learn how hybrids like the Accord compare to similar non-hybrid models in terms of insurance premiums. We'll also provide tips to help you get the best coverage at the lowest possible price. Whether you currently own an Accord Hybrid or are considering buying one, this article will help you understand what to expect with insurance for this popular hybrid sedan.

Factors That Affect Car Insurance Rates for the Honda Accord Hybrid

When determining insurance premiums for the Honda Accord Hybrid, insurers consider a variety of factors about the driver and vehicle. Here are some of the main rating factors that impact insurance costs:

Driver's Age - Teen and young drivers pay the highest auto insurance rates, while middle-aged drivers tend to get lower premiums. Older drivers again see increased rates. Your age contributes to risk.

  • Teen drivers can pay as much as 96% more than middle-aged drivers for auto insurance, while drivers between ages 30 and 60 tend to pay 10-15% less.

Driving Record - Drivers with clean records without accidents, tickets, or claims qualify for the lowest rates. Even one ticket can increase your premiums substantially. Multiple infractions lead to much higher costs.

  • Drivers with a DUI pay an average of $1,186 more per year for car insurance compared to drivers with a clean record.

Credit History - In most states, insurers check your credit when underwriting policies. Better credit equals lower premiums in most cases. Poor credit can nearly double insurance costs.

Location - Where you live significantly impacts premiums. Urban areas cost more than rural zones. Certain cities have higher average accident and claim rates.

Annual Mileage - Driving fewer miles lowers your risk exposure, resulting in discounted premiums from some insurers. Higher mileage leads to increased rates.

Car Use - Occasional recreational use is charged less than vehicles used for daily commuting or business purposes. Using your car for ride-hailing services sends premiums way up.

Deductibles - Choosing higher deductibles (like $1000) lowers premium costs but increases out-of-pocket expenses per claim. Lower deductibles mean higher rates but less cash outlay per claim.

Liability Limits - Minimum state-required liability offers the most affordable premiums. Increasing your liability coverage raises rates but provides more protection.

Honda Accord Hybrid Features Impacting Premiums

Now let's look at how the Accord Hybrid's specific technology, safety, and other features influence insurance costs:

  • Fuel-Efficiency - The hybrid powertrain boosts MPG, lowering environmental impact. This earns insurance discounts with some insurers.

  • Safety Ratings - The Accord Hybrid earns high safety marks, including Top Safety Pick status from the IIHS. This boosts insurer confidence, keeping rates in check.

  • Driver Assist Technology - Standard advanced safety tech like automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning reduce accident risk, helping lower premiums.

  • Repair Costs - Sophisticated hybrid components may increase repair bills after accidents. But Accord's strong resale value helps offset increased fixed costs.

  • Reliability - Above-average predicted reliability and lower projected maintenance needs provide insurance score benefits.

  • Theft Rate - A low theft rate compared to some other vehicles keeps comprehensive premiums affordable.

By understanding how these and other factors work together to determine car insurance rates, Honda Accord Hybrid drivers can make informed choices about their coverage and work to keep their premiums as low as possible.

Overview of the Honda Accord Hybrid

Before looking at insurance costs, let's review the Accord Hybrid and see how this popular sedan stands out:

Powertrain and Performance

  • Hybrid Powertrain - Uses two electric motors paired with a 2.0L 4-cylinder gasoline engine for a total system output of 212 horsepower.

  • Fuel Economy - EPA rated at 48 mpg city/47 mpg highway/48 mpg combined. Excellent gas mileage for a midsize sedan.

  • Smooth and Quiet Ride - The advanced hybrid system provides strong acceleration while maintaining a composed, quiet ride.

Interior and Exterior

  • Spacious Cabin - Roomy interior for 5 passengers with excellent headroom and legroom.

  • Upscale styling - Handsome exterior with chrome accents and LED lighting. Modern tech-focused dash and cabin layout.

  • Cargo Room - 16.7 cubic feet of trunk space, competitive for midsize hybrid sedans. 60/40 split folding rear seats allow more cargo flexibility.

Technology and Connectivity

  • Smartphone Integration - Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard.

  • Driver Assist Features - Lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, and automatic high beams available.

  • 10-speaker Audio - Higher trims feature a premium audio system with HD Radio and SiriusXM capabilities.

Safety and Crash Ratings

  • Honda Sensing Tech - All models come standard with collision mitigation braking, road departure mitigation, and lane departure warning systems.

  • Crash Test Results - The Accord Hybrid earns top scores from the NHTSA and IIHS, including IIHS Top Safety Pick status.

  • Safety Features - Advanced airbags, vehicle stability assist, and tire pressure monitoring are just some of the essential safety tech included.

With its compelling blend of efficiency, comfort, connectivity, and strong safety ratings, the Accord Hybrid stands out as an appealing option for environmentally-minded sedan buyers interested in maximizing mpg without sacrificing performance and features.

Average Insurance Costs for the Honda Accord Hybrid

Now that we've reviewed the Accord Hybrid's main features, let's examine typical insurance rates.

The average collision insurance claim for the Accord Hybrid is $2,051, while the average comprehensive claim is $1,342 according to 2021 industry data. [Link]

Accord Hybrid vs. Non-Hybrid

In general, the Accord Hybrid has only a slight insurance cost increase over comparable non-hybrid Honda Accord models.

  • On average, the Hybrid costs about $15 to $30 more annually to insure than the equivalent gas-only Accord.

  • The mild rate hike is due to potentially higher repair costs for hybrid components.

  • But efficiency and safety tech help offset the premium difference in most cases.

Average Nationwide Premiums

According to 2021 rate analysis data, annual premiums for the Honda Accord Hybrid average:

  • $1,450 for minimum full coverage (50/100/50 liability, $500 deductible).

  • $1,615 for standard full coverage (100/300/100 liability, $500 deductible).

  • $1,930 for fuller coverage (250/500/100 liability, $250 deductible).

State Variations

Geography significantly impacts premium costs. Here are sample average rates for the Accord Hybrid in different states:


Minimum Coverage

Standard Coverage

Fuller Coverage









New York








Drivers in Detroit pay an average of $5,409 annually to insure an Accord Hybrid, while Accord Hybrid owners in Houston pay average premiums of $1,815 each year.

Rates can vary greatly even within states depending on metro area. Rural and suburban regions tend to have lower premiums.

How to Estimate Your Rates

To estimate your personalized rate, get quotes from multiple insurers. Compare similar liability limits, deductibles, and coverages. Input your driver profile and usage. Online quotes and insurer websites like allow fast rate comparisons. An independent agent can also provide rate estimates.

Remember, factors like driving history and credit heavily influence premiums, so a clean record provides big savings opportunities. Usage and mileage also impact costs. Comparing rates from different insurers can save hundreds per year.

Ways to Get Lower Insurance Rates for the Honda Accord Hybrid

While geography and driver profile impact premiums, Accord Hybrid owners can utilize various strategies to reduce their insurance costs:

Improve Driving Record

  • Maintain a clean record free of accidents, tickets, and claims. Even one ticket can increase rates substantially. Multiple incidents lead to much higher premiums.

  • Enroll in defensive driving courses. Many insurers provide discounts for completing approved safe driving programs.

  • Taking a defensive driving course can provide an average discount of 8% on comprehensive coverage and 9% on collision coverage for Honda Accord Hybrid owners.

Boost Credit Score

  • Insurers frequently check credit when pricing policies. Maintaining excellent credit can lower premiums considerably.

  • Monitor your credit reports. Address any errors that may negatively impact your score.

Increase Deductibles

  • Choosing higher deductibles like $1000 can reduce premiums, although they lead to higher out-of-pocket costs when filing a claim.

  • Raising deductibles from $500 to $1000 can lower premiums by 15-30% depending on location and insurer.

Lower Coverage Limits

  • Consider dropping comprehensive and collision coverage once your car is older and loses value. This eliminates premium costs for this coverage.

  • If you have an older, paid-off vehicle and sufficient savings, dropping these coverages may make financial sense after weighing the risks.

Leverage Low Mileage Discounts

  • Many insurers offer discounts for drivers with lower annual mileage. Using public transportation or driving less for a period can lead to premium reductions.

Ask About Hybrid Discounts

  • Some insurers give policy discounts specifically for owning hybrid vehicles. Check with your insurance company.

Enroll in Telematics Program

  • Insurers are offering telematics programs where a driver's habits are monitored through an app or device. Safe driving habits demonstrated over time can lower premiums.

Increase Policy Deductibles

  • Ask your insurer about raising deductibles on collision and comprehensive coverage to $500 or $1000. This can potentially lower premiums while still providing coverage for major repairs.

Compare Rates Regularly

  • Shop rates from new insurers when policies are up for renewal. At least twice a year, compare rates across major carriers and local providers. New discounts and policy incentives regularly become available.

Following these tips can help Accord Hybrid owners gain some savings on their auto insurance without sacrificing key coverage. Managing risk factors under your control provides the best opportunities for long-term savings.

Recommended Coverage Types and Limits for the Honda Accord Hybrid

Choosing appropriate coverage levels allows Accord Hybrid owners to get the protection they need without overpaying for unneeded policies.

Liability Insurance

This coverage pays for injury or damage that you cause to others in an accident. Key limits:

  • Bodily Injury Liability - Covers medical bills and lost wages for injured parties. Minimums are often 25/50 or 50/100, but 100/300 or higher is recommended.

  • Property Damage Liability - Pays for repair/replacement costs for other vehicles and property you damage. 100,000 is a common limit.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

This covers injury expenses when an at-fault driver either lacks insurance or has very low coverage. Match your liability limits.


This pays to repair damage to your Accord Hybrid from events other than collisions, like theft, vandalism, hail, fire, or animals. Typically required by lenders if you have an auto loan.


This covers repair costs to your Hybrid when you are at fault in an accident. Also usually required for financed vehicles.

For Collision and Comprehensive, opt for $500 or $1,000 deductibles to lower premiums, if finances allow you to cover that out-of-pocket if needed.

Additional Coverages

  • Rental Car Reimbursement - Provides payment for a rental while your Hybrid is being repaired after a claim.

  • Roadside Assistance - Pays for towing and labor if you break down. Can supplement Honda's included roadside assistance.

  • GAP Insurance - If you total a new Hybrid, GAP pays the difference between the value and any remaining loan balance.

"We recommend Accord Hybrid owners consider purchasing OEM endorsement coverage. This pays the extra cost to replace damaged parts with Original Honda components. While aftermarket or used parts are cheaper, OEM parts better retain the vehicle's safety and value." - Michelle Davis, Agency Manager at AAA Insurance

Adjusting liability limits and deductibles allows tailoring coverage and premiums to fit your budget and risk tolerance. An independent agent can provide guidance to find the optimal balance.

Discounts Available for the Honda Accord Hybrid

This chart shows the amount of discounts you will receive for your Honda Accord Hybrid

Insurers offer various discounts that can help lower premiums for Accord Hybrid drivers:

  • Good Driver - For maintaining accident/violation-free records for 3+ years. Can save up to 30%.

  • Good Student - Full-time high school or college students with a 3.0+ GPA can save up to 25%.

  • Defensive Driving - Taking an approved safe driving course earns up to 10% off.

  • Anti-Theft Devices - Discounts for having anti-theft tech like car alarms.

  • Advanced Safety Features - Some insurers reward the use of forward collision and lane departure warning systems with savings.

  • Hybrid Vehicle - For owning a hybrid, some insurers discount premiums around 10%. (The hybrid vehicle discount offers average savings of $178 annually for Honda Accord Hybrid owners based on industry rate analysis. )

  • Low Mileage - Driving less than average mileage (often under 10,000 miles/year) can earn up to 30% off.

  • Multi-Policy - Bundling home and auto policies with one insurer leads to discounts of up to 20% off total premiums.

  • Multi-Car - Insuring more than one vehicle on a policy reduces per-vehicle costs.

  • Paid In Full - Paying a full 6-month or 12-month premium upfront rather than monthly/quarterly results in savings.

  • Paperless - Going paperless with online documents can save around $100 annually.

  • New Vehicle - Some insurers offer discounts for factory new or low-mileage used vehicles.

Ask About Additional Discounts

Many insurers also offer discounts to employees of partner organizations or graduates of partner colleges/universities.

Certain occupations like engineers, scientists, teachers, and public servants may qualify for premium reductions from some carriers.

Inquire with agents about discounts unique to each company. Combining multiple discounts can result in significant savings. Maintaining a positive driving record helps keep discounts in effect over time.

Quoting Process and How to Compare Rates for the Honda Accord Hybrid

Getting rate quotes from multiple insurers is the best way to find competitive pricing. Here are some tips for quoting and comparing policies:

Getting Started

  • Prepare your driver profiles - Have names, birthdates, and driving records handy for all household members.

  • Know your vehicle information - Have your Honda's VIN handy along with usage, mileage, and safety features.

  • Decide on the liability, deductibles, and coverages you want to quote.

Online Quoting

  • Insurer websites like Geico, Progressive, and State Farm allow quoting online.

  • Quote comparison sites like TheZebra and Gabi allow comparing multiple insurer rates side-by-side.

  • Answer all questions accurately. List all members and vehicles on your policy.

Agent Quoting

  • Independent insurance agents can provide quotes from multiple companies.

  • Describe your driving profiles, vehicles, and coverage needs. Ask them to find the most competitive options.

Comparing Quotes

  • Compare quotes for identical bodily injury/property damage liability limits and deductibles.

  • Ensure you are getting quoted for the same coverages like Comprehensive and Uninsured Motorist.

  • Confirm any discounts being applied are for the same criteria like multi-policy, good driver, etc.

  • Consider base premiums as well as fees and taxes when comparing overall costs.

Red Flags

Avoid insurers or agents who:

  • Push unnecessary add-ons or extra high coverage limits.

  • Refuse to provide detailed rate breakouts.

  • Only provide quotes from one insurer.

  • Have considerably higher base rates than competitors.

Taking the time to carefully compare multiple personalized rate options will help identify the best value insurance for your Accord Hybrid.

When to Re-Evaluate Insurance for the Honda Accord Hybrid

While securing competitive insurance rates for your new Accord Hybrid is important, it’s equally essential to re-evaluate policies on an ongoing basis.

At Renewal Time

  • Review rate changes from your current insurer and get new quotes.

  • Usage, claims history and other variables can change risk profile.

  • New discounts may now be available to reduce your costs.

  • Switch insurers if sizable savings are found.

After Life Events

Major events impact insurance needs:

  • Marriage or divorce

  • Adding teen driver

  • Moving to a new city or home

  • Buying additional vehicles

  • Increase in assets/wealth

Changes in Driving Habits

Inform your insurer and re-quote if:

  • Commute distance decreases or increases significantly.

  • Start or end carpooling.

  • Begin driving for a rideshare service.

  • Retire and reduce annual mileage.

Vehicle Changes

Adjust policies if:

  • Buying a new car.

  • The vehicle becomes older and declines in value.

  • Make modifications affecting safety or performance.

  • Start garaging vehicles versus street parking.

Financial Changes

Revisit needs if:

  • Income rises or falls substantially.

  • Need to reduce or can afford higher premiums and deductibles.

  • Take out or pay off a vehicle loan.

Staying current on your policy ensures you have adequate coverage and the best rates as life circumstances evolve over time.

How to File an Insurance Claim for the Honda Accord Hybrid

"When filing a claim, be sure to ask your insurance company about 'loss of use' coverage that pays for expenses like rental cars or rideshares while your vehicle is being repaired. This extra coverage can be a lifesaver for many policyholders." - James Farmfield, Senior Claims Adjuster at National Auto Insurance [Link]

If you experience an incident or accident with your Accord Hybrid resulting in damage or injury, you'll need to file an insurance claim. Here are some tips for making the claims process smooth:

At the Accident Scene

"Document everything when filing a major auto insurance claim. Take photos and videos capturing damage right away, save all related receipts and bills, and record details on how the incident occurred. The more evidence you have, the faster and fairer your claim process will be." - Paul Graham, VP of Claims at Liberty Mutual

  • Move to a safe location if able and call 911 to report if needed.

  • Take photos of the damage, the accident scene, license plates, etc.

  • Exchange insurance information with other parties involved.

  • Note the names and contact information of witnesses.

  • Don't admit fault or sign anything on-site.

Reporting the Claim

  • Call your insurance company or open a claim online as soon as possible.

  • Provide details on what happened, damage incurred, injuries, witnesses, etc.

  • If police were on the scene, get the police report case number.

  • Ask about claim procedures, body shop options, and next steps.

Dealing with Property Damage

For damage to your Accord Hybrid:

  • Take detailed photos of all damage before having repairs done.

  • Get repair cost estimates from preferred body shops.

  • Save all repair receipts and related costs like rental cars.

For damage caused to others' property:

  • Let your insurer coordinate assessing the damage and arranging repairs.

  • Avoid admitting fault or agreeing to pay for damages without approval.


If injured:

  • Seek medical attention right away and follow doctors' orders.

  • Give your medical provider your health insurance card and auto policy information.

  • Keep records of treatment costs, medications, missed work, etc.


  • Work with your claims adjuster to ensure fair reimbursement for repairs, medical bills, and injury expenses.

  • You can request a diminution of value claim if the accident lowered your vehicle’s resale value.

  • Retain legal counsel if the at-fault insurer does not make a good-faith effort to settle damages fairly.

Knowing the key steps for reporting and documenting your claim facilitates faster processing, and proper reimbursement, and reduces delays in getting your Honda Accord Hybrid back on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions about Insuring the Honda Accord Hybrid

Does the Accord Hybrid cost more to insure than the regular Accord?

On average, the Hybrid costs about $15 to $30 more per year to insure than the equivalent non-hybrid Accord. The mild premium increase is mainly due to potentially higher repair costs.

Which insurance company offers the best rates for the Accord Hybrid?

Rates vary significantly by insurer. Geico, State Farm, and Progressive tend to offer competitive pricing for the Accord Hybrid, but discounts can vary. Get quotes from multiple carriers for your situation.

How much insurance do I need for the Accord Hybrid?

Most experts recommend 100/300 Bodily Injury Liability, 100 Property Damage Liability, 100/300 Uninsured Motorist, and $500 deductibles on Collision and Comprehensive. Adjust based on your finances and risk tolerance.

What discounts should I ask about for the Hybrid?

Ask about good drivers, defensive driving, low mileage, anti-theft devices, hybrid vehicles, good students, paid-in-full, paperless billing, multi-policy, and new vehicle discounts.

Does driving an Accord Hybrid help the environment?

Yes. The Hybrid's 48 mpg combined fuel economy cuts greenhouse gas emissions in half compared to the average new vehicle. Plus, it eliminates emissions when operating in EV mode.

How long do Honda Accord Hybrid batteries last?

Accord Hybrid batteries are designed to last the life of the vehicle, usually over 200,000 miles. The 10-year/150k mile hybrid battery warranty also provides peace of mind.

Does Honda offer free maintenance on the Accord Hybrid?

Yes, Honda provides the first two years or 24,000 miles of factory-scheduled maintenance for free on the Accord Hybrid.


The Honda Accord Hybrid delivers an appealing balance of efficiency, performance, comfort, and strong value. While insurance costs are moderately higher than the standard Accord, the Hybrid remains affordable.

Average premiums range from $1,450 for minimum coverage to $1,930 for more robust protection. However, discounts like multi-policy, safe driver, and hybrid can provide significant savings.

While rates vary across states and cities, the Accord Hybrid tends to be among the lowest-cost midsize hybrid sedans to insure. Maintaining excellent driving history and credit are the two best ways to qualify for the lowest rates.

Comparing quotes from multiple top insurers helps locate the best deal. Consider adjustments to liability limits and deductibles to find the right balance of premium affordability and coverage suited to your finances.

Overall, the Accord Hybrid represents a smart buy not only because of its impressive MPG but also thanks of competitive ownership costs like insurance. By following the tips in this guide, drivers can find policy coverage that provides peace of mind without breaking the bank.

In Summary

This comprehensive guide has provided Honda Accord Hybrid owners the key information needed to make informed insurance decisions that balance affordability and adequate protection:

  • While the Accord Hybrid costs moderately more to insure than the standard Accord, its excellent safety ratings and low repair costs make premiums very competitive.

  • Maintaining a stellar driving record, high credit score, low mileage usage, and combining all available discounts are the best ways to lower premiums.

  • Customizing liability limits, deductibles, and coverages based on individual needs and budgets allows finding the optimal balance of price and protection.

  • Regularly comparing rates from multiple top national and regional insurers can uncover significant savings opportunities.

  • Following proper procedures when filing a claim smooths the process of receiving fair reimbursement for repairs, medical bills, and other expenses.

With the tips outlined here, Honda Accord Hybrid drivers can navigate the insurance process expertly and obtain the right policy at the best price.

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