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Introduction to Axa Comprehensive Car Insurance

AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance is a leading insurance product offered by AXA Group, a global insurance and financial services provider. AXA Group has very large customer base, they have more than 95 million individuals and businesses in 2021 across 51 countries and the number of policyholders continue increasing over time.

AXA car insurance logo

AXA Group’s headquarters are located in Paris, France, they primarily operate in Western Europe, North America, the Indian Pacific region, the Middle East, and also has presence in Africa. AXA Group’s commitment goes beyond insurance, as they actively participate in charitable initiatives like AXA Hearts in Action and the AXA Research Fund, both focused on combating climate change, showcase AXA's dedication to social responsibility. With total assets worth 775.49 billion euros in 2021, AXA demonstrates its financial strength and stability as an insurance provider.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Axa Comprehensive car insurance provides coverage for loss and damage, third-party liability, and medical expenses for injuries to the driver and passengers. It goes beyond the basic coverage offered by standard car insurance policies. As you may already know, comprehensive car insurance is an optional coverage option. This coverage will protect your vehicle against non-collision damages like theft, vandalism, fire, floods, hails, falling objects, among others.

Comprehensive car insurance will protect your vehicle more than thrid-party fire and theft coverage, and even more than third-party only. Third party only will cover all the repair, replacement, and medical bills to the other driver when you’re at fault. Third-party fire and theft covers you a little more, but it has nothing to do with comprehensive insurance.

You can read more about the difference between third-party and comprehensive car insurance here.

Importance of Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive car insurance is something you will need to add to your coverage in case you requested a loan to buy your new vehicle. Accidents happen at any time, and the repair bills are expensive. AXA Group is one of the important suppliers in the Comprehensive Car Insurance Market, in fact, Axa is available in almost all the countries. Imagine you park your vehicle outside and suddenly, a hail blows all your vehicle,destroying your windshield and hood. In that case, comprehensive car insurance will cover all your repair bills.

Benefits of Axa Comprehensive Car Insurance

Extensive Coverage for All Types of Damage

AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance covers accidental damage to your car, including damage caused by fire, theft, or attempted theft. Whether your vehicle suffers from a minor scratch or a serious damage like those coming from a falling object like a tree branch, rocks or debris, you can rest assured that AXA Group will cover all the repair bills.

Protection against Theft and Vandalism

AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance protect your vehicle against theft and vandalism. If your car was stolen or damaged by vandals, AXA Car Insurance will firstly investigate the incident, in most cases, your vehicle will appear within 30 days, during that time, AXA Car Insurance will provide you a rental car. In case your car has not found, AXA will settle an amount of money that will be worth the actual cash value of your vehicle in the moment that was stolen.

Added Benefits and Optional Coverages

In addition to the standard coverage, AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance offers a range of added benefits and optional coverages to enhance your protection. This insurance covers you for third-party claims after an incident, providing coverage for damages or injuries caused to others. AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance also provides personal accident cover for the driver and passengers, offering financial support in case of bodily injury. Moreover, AXA Group offers 24-hour roadside assistance, including towing to the nearest repairer and completion of your journey, ensuring you receive prompt help in case of breakdowns or emergencies.

Replacement Car cover

AXA comprehensive car insurance also includes the replacement car cover as a standard. Let’s say your car is stolen and can’t be recovered. In that case your AXA comprehensive car insurance will replace your vehicle for another one with the same actual cash value of your vehicle.

Travel to Europe

AXA comprehensive car insurance also covers you while travelling in Europe for 90 days. In addition, AXA comprehensive car insurance also allows you to drive other vehicles under the same policy.

Uninsured driver promise

AXA offers one of the best deals in the United Kingdom. If you suffer an accident with an uninsured vehicle, AXA Car Insurance not only will refund the excess you paid, but also will restore your no claim bonus.

AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance: Pros and Cons


  • Offers up to a 20% discount with self-pay limit: AXA Car Insurance understands the importance of affordability. They provide a discount of up to 20% with a self-pay limit, allowing customers to lower their premiums while maintaining comprehensive coverage. This feature makes AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance a cost-effective choice.

  • Customers' needs are prioritized: AXA Group values its customers and prioritizes their needs. Their customer-centric approach ensures that clients receive personalized attention and support throughout their insurance journey. From policy selection to claims processing, AXA strives to provide a seamless and satisfactory experience.

  • Comprehensive coverage not only covers accidents but goes the extra mile, shielding you from unforeseen obstacles: With AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance, you get more than just accident coverage. It goes the extra mile by protecting you from various non-collision risks such as theft, vandalism, fire, floods, and falling objects. This comprehensive coverage provides extensive protection and peace of mind on the road.

  • Provides peace of mind: Knowing that you have AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance gives you peace of mind.

  • Provides protection for your basic travel needs: AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance covers your basic travel needs. Whether it's a breakdown, roadside assistance, or towing to the nearest repairer, AXA Car Insurance offers the necessary support to ensure that your journey continues smoothly.


  • The higher price of the premiums exceeds the cost of collision coverage: One drawback of AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance is that the premiums can be higher compared to collision coverage alone. That's because the comprehensive car insurance policy from AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance provides coverage against theft, fire, and accidental damage, as well as damage to other people's cars or property and injury to other people, needless to say, the more coverage you purchase, the higher your premium will be.

  • Lack of key cover: AXA Car Insurance hasn’t any sort of key coverage, that means, if you lose your car keys, your AXA comprehensive car insurance won’t cover it.

  • Lack of coverage options: AXA Car Insurance hasn’t many coverage options, so you can’t customize your policy so much, so AXA may not fit all your needs.

AXA Car Insurance Comparison in the UK

As this article is already quite long, I won't extend this so much. For reference, AXA Car Insurance has the 23% of the market share in the UK. So let's take a look to some of the main car insurance companies in the UK:

  • AVIVA vs. AXA:

    • Aviva offers similar coverage options to AXA.

    • Aviva is more affordable for drivers with a clean record.

    • AXA's Car Insurance has a strong reputation and comprehensive coverage options.

  • Admiral Group vs. AXA:

    • Admiral's car insurance has three levels of coverage, while AXA offers optional extras.

    • Admiral offers a higher multi-car discount of 25%, compared to AXA's 10%.

    • AXA Car Insurance generally has more competitive rates for drivers with a clean record.

  • Bell Insurance vs. AXA:

    • Bell Insurance has poor customer satisfaction, according to

    • Bell Insurance tends to have higher prices, especially for young drivers.

  • Churchill vs. AXA:

    • AXA is an established company with a solid presence.

    • Churchill may provide a more satisfactory customer experience than AXA.

What discounts are available for AXA car insurance?

AXA offers various discounts to make their car insurance policies even more affordable. Most of those discounts are designed to reward safe driving behavior and provide cost savings to their customers. Let’s take a look to all the discounts:

  • Low-mileage discount: If you drive under 2,000km, you can benefit from a 38.8% discount on your car insurance premium.

  • Accident-free discount: AXA values safe driving habits. If you have maintained an accident-free record, you can enjoy a 12.2% discount on your car insurance premium. This discount serves as an incentive for responsible driving.

  • No-claims discount: AXA provides a no-claims discount of up to 75% as part of their standard coverage. This discount rewards customers who have a history of safe driving and no claims made during a specified period.

  • Online discount: New customers can take advantage of a 10% discount when purchasing their car insurance policy online. This discount encourages customers to conveniently purchase their coverage through AXA's user-friendly online platform.

  • Multi-product discount: If you already have a car policy with AXA, you can receive a discount on your home insurance policy. This multi-product discount rewards customer loyalty and encourages the bundling of insurance policies.

  • Promotional discounts: AXA occasionally offers promotional discounts and voucher codes for car insurance. These limited-time discounts provide additional savings and can be availed during specific promotional periods.

How to check if I'm eligible for the maximum AXA's discounts percentage?

You can check this information through the AXA website or by contacting your AXA car insurance agent directly. If you reviewing the terms and conditions, you can read what the eligibility criteria for each discount and assess are, and of course, if you meet the requirements to apply for.

For example, to be eligible for the maximum 90% no-claims discount, certain criteria must be met. This typically includes having five years of no claims discount and no claims made on your policy for at least three consecutive years. Additionally, you may need to be at least 25 years old and fulfill any other specific conditions outlined by AXA.

How to file a claim with AXA car insurance?

  • Report your claim promptly through one of the following methods:

  1. Online or through MyAXA.

  2. Visiting one of their branches.

  3. Calling them on 0818 7 365 24.

  • Provide all necessary documents and details related to the incident and any damage caused, including:

  1. Police report.

  2. Pictures and videos of the damage.

  • Take accurate pictures or videos of the damaged parts to help AXA assess the situation correctly.

  • If required, obtain an estimate of repairs and provide pictures of the damaged vehicle by contacting a trusted mechanic.

  • AXA may request an estimate of repairs and photographic evidence depending on the nature and extent of the damage.

  • AXA will check your claim and contact you with further instructions on how to proceed.

  • The AXA comprehensive car insurance claims team will verify the submitted information and guide you through the next steps.

  • If your claim is approved after AXA finishes investigating the incident, they will pay for the repair bills of any non-collision damage as per the terms of your policy.

  • The AXA claim process is typically resolved within 5 days of submission, but the duration may vary based on factors such as the level of damage and document completeness.

  • AXA aims to handle claims efficiently and provide timely resolutions for their customers.


AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance is a reliable and comprehensive coverage option for drivers looking to protect their vehicles from non-collision damages. With its extensive coverage and added benefits, AXA ensures that policyholders receive the necessary protection and peace of mind on the road.

As one of the important suppliers in the Comprehensive Car Insurance Market, AXA has established itself as a trusted insurance provider. With over 95 million policyholders worldwide, AXA has a strong presence and a proven track record in the industry.

Comprehensive car insurance, though optional, offers crucial coverage against various risks such as theft, vandalism, fire, floods, hails, and falling objects. AXA's coverage extends to accidental damage, including damage caused by fire, theft, or attempted theft. Additionally, it provides coverage for third-party claims after an incident and personal accident cover for the driver and passengers.

AXA goes beyond coverage by offering additional benefits to its customers. With 24-hour roadside assistance, including towing to the nearest repairer and completion of the journey, AXA ensures that drivers receive prompt assistance in case of breakdowns or emergencies.

Moreover, AXA provides a range of discounts to make their car insurance policies more affordable. From low-mileage discounts and accident-free discounts to no-claims discounts and online discounts, AXA rewards safe driving behavior and offers cost savings to its customers. Existing customers can also benefit from multi-product discounts, while promotional discounts further enhance the affordability of AXA's car insurance.

In conclusion, AXA Comprehensive Car Insurance combines extensive coverage, added benefits, and attractive discounts to provide drivers with reliable protection and financial security. With its strong reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction, AXA is a trusted choice for comprehensive car insurance.

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