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rental car damage and liability insurance

Accidental loss or damage, legal liability, driver exclusions, rental car, overseas protection, 24-hour hotline assistance, comprehensive coverage – these are just some of the factors to consider when choosing car insurance.

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When it comes to protecting your vehicle, Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance stands out as a smart choice. With its extensive coverage options and range of benefits, Allianz provides peace of mind for drivers.


When you look for a car insurance, you must choose a policy that offers comprehensive coverage and fits to your specific needs. Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance is designed to provide you all the protection you need, ensuring that you're covered in most situations. Let's explore some of the key features and benefits of Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance.

Accidental Loss or Damage

Accidents happen unexpectedly, and repair and replacement cotst of your vehicle can be substantial. With Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that accidental loss or damage caused by non-collision damages to your car is covered.

Legal Liability

In the unfortunate event that you cause damage to someone else's property while driving, Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance has you covered. The policy includes coverage for legal liability, ensuring that you are protected financially in such situations. This feature provides a sense of security and relieves you from the potential financial burden of legal expenses.

Driver Exclusions

To ensure responsible driving behavior, Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance imposes driver exclusions. These exclusions apply when the driver is unlicensed, when you arson or race with your vehicle. All that sort of attitudes will be excluded from your Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance. In addition, if you reduce to do a drug or alcohol test, or exceeds the legally allowed alcohol limit, you will be also screwed.

Rental Car

When your car is stolen or lets say, hail destroyed your windshield and your hood, Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance will provide you a rental car for a certain amount of time, it oftens to be 30 days. The rental car offered will has similar size and type to your own vehicle. This way you can continue with your daily activities while your car is being repaired.

Overseas Protection

If you're planning a trip abroad and want to take your car along, Allianz Global Assistance provides overseas protection for your vehicle. This feature offers coverage against unforeseen events that may occur while you're traveling, giving you peace of mind during your journey.

24-Hour Hotline Assistance

When you suffer an accident caused by any acts of God, you must have the necessary support when you need it most. Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance provides a 24-hour hotline assistance service. Whether you require roadside assistance because , have questions about your policy, or need guidance in a difficult situation, help is just a phone call away.

Comprehensive Coverage

Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for your vehicle. This means that will cover any sort of non-collision damage like fire, flood, theft and storm (including hail damage). If your car is stolen or written off, you can choose to let them pay you the agree actual cash value of your vehicle or to have your new car replaced with a similar make and model available in Australia.

Allianz Australia Car Insurance Comparison Tool

We all know finding for the best car insurance at the right place is harder than be accepted in Harvard. To simplify the decision-making process, Allianz Australia has created a car insurance comparison tool on their website. This tool allows you to compare the different types of coverage coming from your future Comprehensive Car Insurance, Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance, and CTP Insurance. So if you use this tool, you can have a great guess how much your policy cost and you can also check and compare other Allianz insurance products.


Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance has many benefits and coverage options that be the best choice for your vehicle. From protecting against accidental loss or damage to providing rental cars, overseas protection, and comprehensive coverage, Allianz ensures that you have the necessary support and peace of mind while on the road. Take the first step in securing your vehicle and get access to Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance today.

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