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Comprehensieve coverage is one of the most protective coverage for your car. This coverage option will protect your car against non-collision damages like hails, hurricanes, floods, fire, vandalism or theft among others. However, many people have several misconceptions about comprehensive coverage, and these misconceptions confuse all the people who have or are going to buy comprehensive coverage for their cars. In this article, we'll debunk the top 5 comprehensive coverage myths to help you make an informed decision about your insurance policy.

Not all you think about comprehensive coverage is true, be sure to know what is true and what not

Top 5 Comprehensive Coverage Myths Debunked:

1. Comprehensive coverage is only necessary for expensive cars

Many people believe that comprehensive coverage is only necessary for those expensive cars like Bentley, Ferrary or Lamborghini. However, that’s fake. Many cars can suffer vandalism, they can suffer hail impact, or someone can steal their cars and use it to destroy any storefront to rob all the articles inside that shop. In that case, many drivers opt to add comprehensive coverage for their “low cost” vehicles to help them pay the repair or replacement bills due they could end up with some financial problems due its costs.

2. Comprehensive coverage covers everything

Some people think that comprehensive coverage will cover everything, but that’s also fake, this coverage option will only cover non-collision damages, and in most cases, it will cover it under some specific circumstances like hail, flood, fire, vandalism or theft. In fact comprehensive coverage won’t cover collision damages, that is covered by collision coverage. In most cases, you will need both when buying a new car from a lender.

3. Comprehensive coverage is too expensive

Many people consider comprehensive coverage is expensive, but it depends. The cost of the comprehensive coverage is binded to many factors such as the vehicle’s specs, your age, driving records, your claim history, the amount of mileages you’re going to drive or the amount of deductibles you set on your policy. In many cases, the cost of comprehensive coverage can be affordable, especially when bundled with other types of coverage.

4. Comprehensive coverage is not necessary in areas with low crime rates

Many people have that warit misconception about comprehensive coverage is not necessary in those cities or towns with low criminal rates. But think about the Murphy’s law, you only need to don’t have comprehensive coveage to let someone steals your car on the next day, or maybe you live in California and you may need protection against earthquakes or fires, that’s why it's always better to be prepared and protected than to face unexpected expenses.

5. Comprehensive coverage is not necessary if you have a warranty

Some people think that if you have bumper-to-bumper, powertain or stated-component warranty, they don't need comprehensive coverage. But in fact, that sort of warranties only cover some specific damages from your vehicle. For example, bumper-to-bumper warranty will only extend the coverage that your policy doesn’t cover it. Needless to say about stated-component warranty, that will only covers those vehicle parts listed in the contract. In a nut-shell, warranties won’t cover damages caused by non-collision accidents such as hitting a deer. It's important to have both warranty and comprehensive coverage to ensure full protection.


Q: Is comprehensive coverage required by law?

A: Comprehensive coverage is not required by law, but it's often required by lenders or leasing companies.

Q: Does comprehensive coverage cover theft of personal items inside the car?

A: No, comprehensive coverage only covers damages to the vehicle itself, not personal items inside the car.

Q: Can I choose my deductible amount for comprehensive coverage?

A: Yes, you can choose your deductible amount for comprehensive coverage. A higher deductible will result in lower premiums, but you'll have to pay more out of pocket in case of a claim.


Comprehensive coverage is one of the best coverage options for your vehicle, specially when you buy your car from a lender, just consider those myths about comprehensive as fake news, it’s better to do not listen at them. We hope this article helps you to better understanding about comprehensive coverage. Remember, if you have any question, is always good to ask to your car insurance agent. Stay protected and drive safely!

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