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We all love to feel the wind touching our faces while driving our bikes. But freedom comes with responsibility. One of those responsibilities is legally driving in your state's roads. That's why you need to choose the right coverage for your motorcycle. But with so many options available, how do you know if comprehensive coverage is right for you?

We all love the feeling of freedomg while driving our motorcycles, be sure to be well protected whien driving on your state's roads

What is comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive coverage, also known as "other than collision" insurance, this coverage option is available for your motorcycle insurance policy. While liability insurance covers damages you may cause to others, comprehensive coverage helps protect your bike from non-collision events, such as theft, vandalism, fire, or natural disasters.

What does comprehensive coverage cover?

Comprehensive coverage protects your bike against many possible dangers like:

  • Theft: If your motorcycle is stolen, comprehensive coverage can cover the cost of replacing it.

  • Vandalism: If your bike is intentionally damaged, comprehensive coverage can help pay for the repairs.

  • Fire: If your motorcycle is damaged or destroyed by a fire, comprehensive coverage will cover the repairs or replacement costs.

  • Natural disasters: You know, Florida, California or Michigan often suffer many natural disasters such as floods, fires hurricanes, and so on. If you add comprehensive coverage for your bike, the repair costs coming from natural disasters will be covered.

  • Animal collisions and other animal related damages: We all know we can easily avoid hitting a deer, however, rodents may bite our bike’s wires, in that case, comprehensive coverage will cover the repair costs.

Why might you need comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive coverage is an optional coverage, many lenders will request you to add it in your policy. So we’re going to talk about the possible benefits you may know about comprehensive coverage:

  • Comprehensive coverage protects your motorcycle from many non-collision scenario, that will help you feel good while driving along the road.

  • If you've spent a lot of money in your bikes, we all do, and you’re collecting some Indian motorcycles, let’s say you spend $65,000 on an 1936 Indian, in that case, you should add comprehensive coverage for your bike.

  • If you have a loan or lease on your motorcycle, your lender will most likely require you to add comprehensive coverage along with collision coverage due your loan.

  • Unpredictability: While you can't predict when your motorcycle may be damaged or stolen, comprehensive coverage can help ensure that you're prepared for the unexpected.

How much does comprehensive coverage cost?

The cost of comprehensive coverage varies from state to state, it will also vary depending on other factors, including the actual cash value of your bike, your driving record, your claim history, your credit score, your age, within others.

Based on the National Association of Insurance Commisioners (NAIC), on average, comprehensive coverage costs $305 per year.


Comprehensive coverage will protect your motorcycle from non-collision danges such as natural disasters -fires, floods, hurricanes, hails, earthquakes, tornadoes...-, accidents with animals -just like a wild boar tackles your bike or rodents bites your morotcycle’s wires-, theft, vandalism, within others. Many reasons can help you decide adding comprehensive coverage in your policy, lenders will always request you to add comprehensive coverage along with collision coverage. When you buy a good classic morotcyle, you will most likely want to add this coverage option to protect your bike.

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