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 When we talk about comprehensive coverage, we’re talking about a way to protect your car against non-collision damages. This coverage option is required by many lenders when buying a new car, in addition, due the climate change, comprehensive coverage will be your best ally against all these natural disasters that thend to happen more often than before, that’s why as we move forward into the future, there are several trends that are likely to explain about the future of comprehensive coverage.

Car insurers will be able to customice even more our policies due the IoT

The Rise of Cyber Insurance: Protecting Against Digital Risks

With the increasing prevalence of technology in our daily lives, the risk of cyber-attacks has never been greater. Car thieves can easily hack new vehicles without damaging your vehicle at all. That’s why many business and individuals are aware about the digitalization and the IoT.

The IoT takes an important role when we talk about comprehensive coverage for our car. For example, new cars have wifi nodes installed in their cars, this node let all people nearby that car get access to the Internet. Let’s say you go to a restaurant, so you park your car in the parking. If a hacker gets access to your car’s wifi, he’d be able to unlock a door, then that hacker would open the left part of the steering wheel where is located the usb Port of your vehicle, this way hackers can get access to your car’s main frame and unlock or start the engine and rob your car.

In the future it is expeceted to buy more cyber insurance for new car models, I personally think car insures would add a clause in any comprehensive coverage policy that would also cover (or not) car theft from cyber-attacks.

Climate Change and Natural Disasters: The Need for Comprehensive Protection

Climate change is one of the most obvious problems right now, and it is expected to get worse in the future. A stadistic from Insurance Information Institute explained that the claim frecuency from 2012 to 2021 in terms of comprehensive coverage increased from 2.62 to 3.15. The calculus is the claim per 100 earned car year. A car year equals 365days of insured comprehensive coverage for one vehicle, costing them a total amount of $196,826,993 in 2021.

In this stadistic it is said 78% of the drivers bought comprehensive coverage, and 75% of them added collision coverage. That doesn’t mean they added due the climate change, however it indicates the amount of drivers who are going to add comprehensive coverage to their policies will also increase in the future.

Even so, the climate change is a serious menace to the integrity of our cars. The annual tornadoes, hails and winds trends from the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center indicates a significant increase of all these natural disasters in the country, and this trend is not going to mitigate.

For all the information proven the climate change is going to get worse in the future, is a good reason to add comprehensive coverage in your policy. Perhaps in a future won’t be an option but a must to add.

New Risks and Opportunities for Comprehensive Coverage

The financial stability of the market share following to the shortage of qualified workers in the past 2 years made our car insurance rates increased by 8.4% this year. That’s nothing new, I know. However, we got many people who quit job due the pandemic, they opted to work at home, or they just found another job making them earn more money. Most of those who are working at home could take advantage from comprehensive coverage due the climate change.

New car insurer’s apps would be a big way to improve their coverage customization, they could obtain real data from each customer and generate a policy that would fit all their needs. Companies like Uber or Lyft have become an increasingly important part of our lives, they transformed the way we move across our cities or states. However, this new economy also brings new risks and challenges for all the car insurers and their customers alike.

In the future, we would be able to see increased the demand for comprehensive coverage for those dirvers who also bought ridesharing insurance to work and get covered by their car insurers while they don’t have any customer on their vehicle, they would also be interested to add comprehensive coverage along with collision coverage to be fully protected (due the amount of acts of vandalism and car thefts increase, they would also be interested to add it).

The Impact on Comprehensive Coverage

In the past years, the amount of claims filed from comprehensive coverage as been exponentially increasing every year. In addition, we’ve seen many states changing laws about car insurance. For example, New Jersey’s drivers will pay more to insure due their minimum coverage limit increased from $15,000 to $25,000 in the beginning of 2023, and everything indicates that the drivers from he Garden State will have to buy $35,000 in their covearge limit by 2026, that means every driver will pay around $125 each year.

All these changes from each state indicates the amount of risk of driving in the future due the climate change, criminal rate, and the increase on the life expentancy will also indicate the need to add comprehensive coverage in their policies as same as cheap rates for their premiums. That means car insurers will have to adapt to the new changes if they want to survive to the changes of the market and the state laws.


Q: What is comprehensive coverage?

A: Comprehensive coverage protects your car against non-collision damages, including natural disasters, theft or vandalism among others.

Q: Why is comprehensive coverage important?

A: Comprehensive coverage is important because it helps you mitigating your car repair expenses from the climate change in this uncertain world.

Q: What are some of the trends shaping the future of comprehensive coverage?

A: Some of the trends shaping the future of comprehensive coverage are looking towards the usage of the AI to know better their custoemrs, they must analyze the big data to offer their customers solutions instead of static products for all drivers. That means using the IoT could offer each driver a customiced experience to protect their cars.


We all know drivers’ needs for comprehensive coverage will continue increasing in the future. The climate change, new state laws, and the increase of the criminal rate in each state will also affect on the future premiums in the country. In the other hand, there are many opportunities in the future, specially for comprehensive coverage policies. The Brightside in the future comes for the implement of the big data and the IoT in our daily life that will help the car insurers to give us the best policy at the right price for all of us.

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