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Our car insurance policy covers us for a limited time that must be renewed, however, we tend to forget the exact expiring date. That’s the reason why we need to avoid getting a lapse on our car insurance policy,

All 6 to 12-month insurance policies ends at 12:01 of the expiration date

When car insurance expires?

The right answer is most car insurance policies expire at 12:01 am of the expiration date. The last due date for the payment of your premiums is the day before the cancellation date. That means, that if we suffer an accident at 12:02 am of the expiration date, that accident wouldn’t be covered.

For example, you bought a 6-month-length car insurance policy last May 4th, which means your car insurance policy will expire on November 4th at 12:01 am.

What would make your car insurance policy get a 1-day lapse?

Many states have Insurance Verification systems, causing the renewal or just the cancellation of your policy, or even when you buy a new one more confusing for many drivers. These are some examples that would make your policy lapses:

  • Some people misunderstand the expiration date ends at 12:01, so they apply the cancellation of your old policy on the same day, making the insurance carrier apply this new policy with a 1-day lapse.

  • Some drivers also wait to shop for a new policy until the expiration date, making this process too late because your car insurance policy has already lapsed.

  • Some people pay the due on the expiration date, due to their car insurance coverage expiring at 12:01 am.

Most states do not have a period of grace, which that means if you have not paid your policy before 12:01am, your coverage terminates instantly.

How can I know When My Car Insurance Policy Expires?

Depending on the state you live in will have different Car Insurance laws, as each auto insurance carrier has its own car insurance policies. That is the reason why the fastest way is by contacting your auto insurance agent.

Keep in mind that some car insurance companies have a period of grace that may extend your coverage up to 2 weeks after the end date of your car insurance policy.

How can cancel my car insurance policy?

You can cancel your car insurance policy at any time you want, you only have to contact your car insurance carrier and tell them you want to cancel your policy, as each insurance carrier has its own way to cancel their policies, then, the easiest way is by phoning them. Remember to make your new car insurance policy must begin at 12:01 am the same your previous car insurance policy ended to avoid a lapse of coverage.

You can always check your bank statements to know when your car insurance ends, you will only have to track the payment until the first payment.


  • All car insurance policies, regardless of whether they're 6 or 12-month-length duration, end at 12:01 am of the expiration date.

  • Be sure not to enter into a lapse of coverage, and avoid buying your new car insurance policy on the expiration date because the new car insurance policy won’t begin on the same day you buy the policy.

  • Avoid having a lapse of coverage, otherwise, your car insurance premiums will increase significantly.

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