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Let's be honest, a flat tire is a big inconvenience during our trip, however not all car insurance policies will cover a flat tire, or if they cover, it will be under certain circumstances, the question is very clear: what sort of policies cover a flat tire? Continue reading to know the answer.

Basic car insurance or Roadside assistance typically does not cover flat tires

Key Takeaways

  • Basic car insurance or Roadside assistance typically does not cover flat tires.

  • Comprehensive and collision cover flat tires caused by potholes, theft, and vandalism.

  • Full coverage will offer coverage for your vehicle and tires.

  • When you purchase a tire may be protected by a manufacturer’s warranty, a road hazard warranty, an add-on tire, and wheel insurance policy, or a vehicle protection program.

  • Tire insurance policies are not always so comprehensive, so check your declaration page to ensure what your policy covers and what not.

What sort of car insurance policies cover flat tires?

Not all car insurance policies cover flat tires when it’s coming from a maintenance issue, especially basic coverage ones, that’s why we need to buy some coverage options for our vehicle as follows:

  • Roadside assistance:This coverage will cover you from a breakdown when you're driving, they are our first choice when we have a flat tire. Roadside assistants will change your flat tire for you, they can also jump a starting battery, tow your vehicle to the nearest repair shop, delivering gas or battery to your location (keep in mind that you will have to pay the price of these articles once they reach your location), or retrieving the keys locked inside your vehicle.

  • Car Insurance comprehensiveand collisioncoverage:This coverage is very useful when your car has been vandalized, let’s say someone slashed your tires, so if you’ve bought this car insurance policy. Keep in mind that this coverage not only covers you from vandalism, but also from theft, or other accidental damages. It will happen the same when you bought a collision car insurance policy, but this one will only cover a flat tire when you suffered an accident.

  • Custom tires and car insurance coverage:If your vehicle has custom wheels and you bought custom parts and equipment coverage, then your auto insurance carrier will cover your tires if you’ve suffered an accident or an unfortunate event such as someone stole your wheels, however, its price will be higher compared to a regular tire, so this sort of policy will cover up to a certain amount of money, normally up to $5,000.

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