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Some people who decide for any reason to move to another country, perhaps you are going to take an extended vacation, no matter the reason why you no longer need to use your vehicle for a while, so you're considering reducing the nonessential expenses coming from your car insurance policy. 

Keep your comprehensive car insurance while storing your car for a long period of time

How car storage policy works?

This car insurance policy basically works for those people who are not going to use their car for a long period, Many many car insurance companies call this insurance policy "comprehensive-only coverage". Even if your car is stored for a while and you think your car is safe and it won't happen anything to your car while I am away, it doesn't mean that it couldn't happen anything bad. 

This comprehensive-only car insurance covers all your repairs or damaged parts of your vehicle while is going to be stored or parked. Buying this car storage insurance helps your insurance policy lapse, preventing your future car insurance premiums increase. 

You can always ask your car insurance agent and see what sort of car storage insurance coverage your car need. 

Do I need a car storage policy for my stored car in my garage?

There are many reasons why you need to keep a minimum coverage in your stored car, which is the following:

  • If you fully cancel your policy because you're going to move to another country for a job, then you will have gaps in your car policy coverage history, that will make your car insurer considers you as a high-risk driver. 
  • If for any reason your car got into an accident and you cancel your car insurance policy, you will be solely responsible for any repairs your car might need.
  • If for any reason you cancel your car insurance policy, you won't have the option to drop your policy. Let's say you accepted a loan to buy your car, so your lender might request you hold your policy until you fully pay your loan.
  • You also have the option to reduce your auto insurance coverage (because you're not going to drive your car for a long time). The best option is to use the comprehensive-only coverage which will cover full damage for events such as theft, vandalism, hail or lighting, bad weather, or animal-inflicted damage.

Do I need a car insurance policy for a car that I don't even get driven?

Let's say you're going to move to another country for a job, and you u won't drive your car for a while. Then you might ask yourself "do I really need a car insurance policy for a car that I'm going to use for a long period?" Why do I've to pay full car insurance coverage when I am not going to drive it? 

The answer is yes, imagine your car suffered some vandalism acts while your car is stored during your vacations. You need some car coverage even if you're not going to drive your stored car for a while. 

you will need your car insurance up to date while being stored, just in case some vandalism attempt to your vehicle


If you're going to another country, it's a good moment to reduce your car insurance coverage, you should use comprehensive-only coverage which will cover full damage for your stored vehicle.

it's not a good idea to drop your car insurance policy due you will create a lapse in your auto insurance history, becoming you into a high-risk driver

If you cancel your car insurance, you will be solely responsible for any damage caused to your car while being stored.

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